Otto Warmbier was released last week, in a coma. North Korea claimed botulism–easily a lie–and Donald Trump thanked…himself. A few days ago, Otto died. HE DID NOTHING WRONG!

Let’s get one thing clear first of all. Here’s a report on botulism in case anyway thinks he actually died from that. My message to Kim Jong Un? Make up a better lie. Idiot.


Take a moment to watch Otto’s highschool graduation speech. Consider doing so a moment of silence before you read on. Do as you do in these situations, but give him that.



So what’s next?

Well, I know many people who have visited North Korea. During one visit to China, the first two people I met had just returned from there. So, many people leave safely. However, it’s clear something needs to change. They kill their own people, and they send a select few overseas to work as de facto slaves in order to gain millions for their military. Hundreds of them are in Western Europe right now. So, something has to change.

Here’s what I think Trump can do. We can’t do nothing. That’s not working. I know enough about this. Whatever pain that comes from doing something is better than being the frog in slowing boiling water, which we are.


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